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IIIrd SF Running Event (Las Kabacki, 20.05.2012)

It was just perfect. You can hardly imagine better day&place for such vent. 20th day of May greeted us with beautiful sun above spring green scenery of Kabacki Forest. Everything that could go right, went awesome! Snowflake'a crew with special guests "muJAHedini dysku" and Mushroom Team made the day even more fantastic! We started with extremely difficult competition - the slalom course between trees for children. There were no surprises. Hela, Misio and Szymon confirmed their constant, world-top form. What's more, this time Misio successfully passed all the gates! :D




The 1km run was played out under bright sunshine and did not disappoint. The lead changed constantly with exciting rivarly betwen Gabi, Hania and Tosia! The winner of the day was Tosia, saving the title from last season, the second step of the podium went to Gabi finished with a margin of half a second over Lyanna with an excellent third! Congratulations for all - Noelia! Isia! Marianna! Hania! Natka! Jola! Well done!



Agata Sowa proved that she is ready for the summer season ahead. She takes the win in confident style crossing the finish line with a impressive lead ahead of her nearest competitor! Her time 10min50sec was unbelievable! Aggressive finish paid off and gave Kasia and Renata 2nd place (ex aequo). The men's fastest run had Łukasz from MuJAHedin Dysku. Second Franek Zawada finished close only 0.13 seconds behind the winner.


It was a day of glory for Asia Pols. She took the honours in 5km run and she was truly unrivalled! :) Congratulations! The men's start was full of emotion. Pawel Soltys is a guy who can perform under pressure - despite being a litlle bit late for the start he was able to score the best time (17min32sek!). Marek Popławski landed in 2nd place beating home-land hero Filip Wołowski with extraordinary finish sprint in front of cheering crowd.



The special guest of our event were muJAHedini dysku team! It's hard to decribe the positive energy of those people! They were learing us how to play FRISBEE, took part in every distance start and really made this day! We want more!! H5 for each member! You can be sure the we will see them soon on the next events! Get ready for the professional frisbee workshops!


There was also slack-line sessions and hula-hop (don't know the english name) with impressive performance of Marcin Śwituła :)



Thank U!!!!

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